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3 years of CIK treatment to fight non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer


NAME: Ms Du Zhonghua

AGE: 54


DIAGNOSIS: Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma


Reoccurring of swollen neck lump after 8 cycles of chemo, which patient cannot tolerate with the side effects of chemo


8 cycles of chemo, 1 cycle of antilogous blood CIK, 4 cycles of CIK



In 2007 August, Ms. Du was found with a swollen on the neck, and groin lump which affected walking capability, went to China Medical University Cancer Hospital, diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, it was at her age 47. And, her daughter was a sophomore in college at her 20. It was shocking news to her family.

In Sept 2007 started with 8 cycles of chemo treatments, however, the side effect of chemo was causing her substantial pain, including hair losses, often vomiting, lost of appetite, weight loss, immune cells strength dropped with recurring ulcers and pruritus.

After the 8 cycles of chemotherapy, swollen on neck was reduced, index resume to normal levels. And, oncologist suggested a follow-up chemo in 12 months later, Ms. Du refused due to the intolerable side effects, instead, she went on alternative traditional Chinese medicine to keep her condition steady.

In late year 2010, due to increased size of the swollen lump, Ms. Du decided that she can’t wait no more but to seek for other noninvasive treatment, CIK immunotherapy, soon after the first autologous blood CIK treatment, most of the cancer index returned to normal level, with the obvious reduced in size of neck lump, to a barely visible level. With the follow up of 4 cycles of CIK in 2 years. She was recommended to change treatment of every once a year only. In the early 2014, Ms. Du was recommended by oncologist to undergo with cord blood CIK every other 12 months.

With the combine of autologous blood and cord blood of CIK cells treatment plus the traditional Chinese medicine treatment, we can expect a very obvious result especially for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, it can significantly decrease the size of tumor and return to a very unobvious or even normal conditions. CIK treatment is 100% green and non-invasive at all, 70% of patients might feel fatigue and lethargy, after intravenous injection. 30% might feel excited and energetic. Overall status depends on the patient's immune system, cell therapy program and frequency, as well as the patient's own condition.

Ms. Du Zhonghua is in an optimistic condition, and she just turned to be a grand-mom. And, she just celebrated for 7th birthday after she was diagnosis with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Ms. Du all the best and good health.


Cancer treatment can be tough but not necessary painful

Yesterday, I visited a new patient served by our team. As I first walked in the ward, she was lying on her bed, saw her face pale & skinny. I shake her hand and felt her weakness on wrist, which gave me a very strange feeling. The first thing came across my mind was, how can such a weak lady has gone thru all these chemo?? I was so impressed that she made it thru thou.

Feeling her weakness, we didn’t have much talk, I had a brief greet with her family. This lady is an acquaintance of mine, and I do not know much about her background, all I know was, she is just another hardworking, enthusiastic lady who had a perfect life before she was diagnosis with cancer.


I was hesitated to ask about her diet habit and, then she started telling me her life story and found that she is a vegetarian, and she was on a very strict diet once she was found with cancer, reason was trying to limit the growth of the cancer cells, and believing that cancer cells can be starved to death, and by controlling the so-called acid-base system to refrain from a normal diet. I was shocked.

Please let’s not suppress your crave on the delicious foods, nor limiting yourself on normal healthy diet, cancer patient even needs more nutrition to maintain a strong & health body to fight against cancer. Consume normally, fishes, meats, seafood, veggie & fruits; keep a good balancing on your diet. Eat well, sleep well, let the body rest & recover. You know, fighting cancer is a tough!

The effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs? Let me tell you what’s it all about, chemo will treat and see the same to cancer and healthy cells, that’s no doubt and we all know.  So why is the same chemo treatment, yet, the prognosis is so different? That comes from the struggle either the immune system and tumor cells which first recover. The cancer cells recover first, chemo failed. The immune cells recover first; we called it chemo success. During the rehabilitation process, our body requires lots of nutrients. Do not think because the cancer cells multiply quickly, therefore, to "starve" cancer cells to death and refuse the nutrition or refrain from normal diet. This argument has no scientific support so far.

This patient said to me that she believes, cancer favorite the strong, tough & independent woman, especially who has dedicated her life time to her family, woman who has spent her life time taking care of her children, her husband. I silenced.

I told her, the role has changed now, we must understand and accept, and this is life. She was a good student in school, a delicate employee at work, a caring mom at home, she was always the giver. Now is time to learn turning herself as a taker. The most painful part for her is that she needed someone to take care of instead. Well, it’s not too bad being a taker, let’s enjoy it. Let your husband to take care of you, let your son be the blood donor for you and do something for you. Let’s admit that you are just a human being, and no different from others. Thus she seems to understand.



I was once at New York Northeast Saranac Lake, engraved with Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau saying: "To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always." I must say that it is so true! Diseases are often not to be cured, but healing. At last, for her health, I had recommended a book "Granulocytes Cancer Therapy (LIFT Cancer Treatment)" which clearly elaborated on how immunotherapy works.

Ms Yan Lung Cancer undergo CIK & ACTL Targeting Therapy

NAME:  Ms. Yan Guohua


AGE:  53


COUNTRY:  Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China


DIAGNOSIS:  Advance Stage Lung Cancer


REASONS FOR TREATMENT After 4 cycles of chemotherapy, patient cannot tolerate with the side effects. And, refused for further chemo treatment.


TREATMENT:  4 cycles of chemo, ACTL Targeting Therapy Treatment

In June 2012, Ms.Yan Guohua, chairman of a construction company in Taiyuan, was having severe cough and went for a check-up at Shanxi local hospital with no other diagnosis, yet, cough symptoms continue. 6 months later, coughing was found more severe she then came to Beijing Cancer Hospital and diagnosis with bronchoscope, mining cell microscopic examination and found with tumor cells, went for CT and found lung metastases, pleural effusion, lymph nodes and bone metastases. Not recommended for any surgery.


She was then transferred The Armed Police General Hospital International Ward for immunotherapy in Aug 2013. Due to poor physical condition of her, blood test values were lower than normal, a cord blood CIK treatment was given, an assessment was done 2 weeks after, and found all immune cell values were back to normal range.



In September 2013, patient decided to begin with ACTL treatment which lasts 3 months. Treatment programs was a 6 times reinfusion from cultivation with peripheral blood collected from patient at 100ml each, and the other three was cultivated with peripheral blood from her son. She is currently continuing with the treatment.

Patients feedback was she is well improved with fatigue, dehydration, skin itchiness, bone aching, coughing, yet, chest pain with breathing is continued. She has received 2 times reinfusion so far, and 4 more to go.


Picture shown the patient Ms Yan Guohua, her 23 years old son was preparing for peripheral blood withdrawal for the ACTL cultivation


Picture shown with Professor Yong and the laboratory supervisor at discussion with patient cases

Mr. Rong 6 months of DC-CIK & ACTL from Hebei China


NAME:  Mr Rong

AGE:  40s


DIAGNOSIS:  Colon cancer and received resection surgery, and now shown with advanced stage lung metastasis


Mr. Rong, the Chairman of Hebei origin of life Biotechnology, the strategic partner of Cancer Bio Master. Mr. Rung was diagnosis with colon cancer and received resection surgery, and now shown with advanced stage lung metastasis.

TREATMENT:  Resection Surgery, 4 cycles of Chemo, 6 months of CIK immunotherapy, & ACTL Targeting Therapy Treatment

Back in March 2012, Mr. Rong found blood in the stool, abdominal pain, and constipation. And he decided to go for a full examination, was diagnosis with colon cancer, immediately an implement radical surgery was performed, a 4 cycles of chemotherapy was given and discharged from hospital. Later on the same year of August, he was coughing with severe chest pain, and readmitted as in-patient found with multiple lung metastases, the largest area found with 2 x 3 cm, pleural effusion, due to the fact that the tumor was too close to the mediastinum, and multiple metastases, surgical treatment is not recommended.

He then decided to undergo with Cord blood CIK treatment, 3 reinfusion per month, each time with 3 units, continued for 6 months consecutively, and tumor has not increased nor expanded.

In August 2013, began with ACTL treatment, the treatment is still going on. Patient is physically in good shape, going to work as usual and stick to his routine laboratory work.

The blood cultivation of the ACTL was collected from patient’s blood related relative with peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC). Each collection of PBMC can prepare for 3-5 times the use of ACTL cultivation of reinfusion. According to each patient with their very own circumstances, each 100ml self peripheral blood is adequated for each blood cultivation. This is the closest examples to us; the Chairman of the company has put himself to practice with CIK and ACTL as immunotherapy.

 Sunny & Mr. Rong at the lab

Mariana a sunshining girl from Argentina for her 2nd CIK treatment

NAME: Mariana

AGE: 20s

COUNTRY: Argentina

DIAGNOSIS: Lymphoma in early 2012

REASONS FOR COMING FOR TREATMENT: Underwent with 20 cycles of chemotherapy treatment in Argintina came out with nonreponsive result, left with no more positive treatment options

TREATMENT: Gramma Knife & DC-CIK in May 2012, and returning for umbilical Cord Blood CIK in Nov 2012

Mariana, an Argentinean girl in her early twenty, a very cheerful girl. It was unnoticeable that she have had gone thru a lot with her lymphoma cancer, suffered all the pain and tortured by the nasty side effects when she underwent with radiotherapy & chemotherapy.  When I first met her, I could barely feel her as a patient and never felt that she would have had gone thru that much, and yet, I can only feel that she is just a very optimistic girl who always carry a positive smiles on her face, yet, a young girl often needed someone to take care of. She is just another girl that would keep browsing online and chatting with her friends even when she was lying on bed and getting ready for her treatment.

Sunny & Mariana at Wujing Hospital Beijing

Sunny & Maraiana taken at May 2012

Before Mariana first visit in May 2012, all she knew about China was as seen on TV, she knew nothing about China, not knowing much. It was because she had her chemotherapy treatment done over 20 courses in Argentina and the doctor there found it with nonresponsive result. And, her Dad was desperate with treatment option; he searched on internet with possible alternatives, after the thorough communications and understandings with the case situation and health condition of Mariana. Her dad decided to bring her over to Beijing for treatment that could possibly be the only option left at that time.  She had undergone with Gamma Knife & DC-CIK treatment.

It was still very vivid that when she was doing her cells reinfusion, Mariana cried several times, she was scared by the big infusion needle. I still remember the fierce look of her father monitoring us when providing the treatment to his daughter. Yet, after a few months later, which was about Oct 2012, we had received the reports from Mariana in Argentina, resulted with her tumor was vanished and gone, no metastasis or what not, all the cancer indicators are back to normal range, and leaving no evidence of the tumor.

With the return for her 2nd treatment in last Nov and considering the positive response to the 1st treatment, her treatment program was adjusted to cord blood CIK, focusing on improving her immune system's anticancer function, and increasing the resistance to other diseases.

With all that, we look forward seeing her cheerful smiles again. Mariana wish to have her own veterinary clinic, she was only one semester away from her graduation from the veterinary university. We will wish her the good health and success with her career.

We must have a will to live our life optimistically and positively.

There was a saying: There is a will, there is a way!


Mr. Graham 2nd round DC-CIK from Queensland Australia

NAME: Mr. Graham

AGE: 65

COUNTRY: Queesland, Australia

DIAGNOSIS: B Cell Lymphoma

Experiences sharing interview with Mr. Graham returning from Queensland, Australia for the 2nd round DC-CIK treatment on Dec 19th 2011 with Cancer Therapy in China network.


Follow-up with home visit Mr. Stringer

NAME: Mr. Stringer



DIAGNOSIS: Colon Cancer

Follow-up with home visit Mr. Stringer at his ChaoYang home office in Beijing, China after his trip back from Los Angeles, US. Showing his daily life after his DC-CIK treatment.

May us wish Mr. Stringer to stay healthy!



Mr. Stringer and The gracious supports from United States

NAME: Mr. Stringer



DIAGNOSIS: Colon Cancer


Mr. Stringer, a very positive & optimistic Westerner. As an owner of a multi-national company, he is a frequent international traveler between Los Angeles, US and Beijing, China. With the gracious supports from his wife & family, he had undergo DC-CIK immunotherapy & traditional Chinese medicine treatment at WuJin hospital Beijing after diagnosised with stage IV colon cancer in 2010. Let us learn about his story of flighting cancer.



on April of 2010 and which that prior to that time Mr. Stringer had no sense anything that was wrong until there was a sudden change that he had amino structure in his bow, he developed very severe abdominal pain was admitted that day into the hospital they did scans and from those scans are very shamble doctor came to him and indicated that they were gonna get him admitted and have a team of specialist there for him, because he wad found with stage 4 colon cancer.




Mr. Graham, a lymphoma tumor patient from Australia


Mr. Graham. 65 years old, came to China after of 3 years of treatment in Australia, the doctor said they could not do anything more for him. He was diagnosed with lymphoma, in middle of chest, which is is too deep for surgery, not suitable for radiation therapy and his bone marrow and immune system was too weak for intense Chemotherapy.

And,yet he was lucky enough to hear about Cancer Therapy China from his friends, he was hoping that a different kind of treatment can help him improve his condition. After the doctors examine his reports, he went on and start a combination treatment with immunotherapy and cell therapy. After first course of treatment, there is a reduce in side of tumor on the sides and the tumors in the middle of the chest also gone down. He was happy with the result and he will continue with the two more treatments after he comes back from australia. He found that the staff was fantastic and the doctor was very friendly and very helpful at all time. Lets look forward for his next treatment in the future.

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Polish family seeks ACTL Targeted Cancer Cell Therapy in China

NAME: Mr. Stanislaw

AGE: 61


DIAGNOSIS: Adenocarcinoma Pancreatitis Ductalis  


About the middle of January 2012, the doctors were able to say clearly that Mr. Stanislaw had a tumor in the head of pancreas and at that time the diagnosis was already not so good because the size of the tumor was relatively large about 4 x 5 cm.





In this video, will show you the emotional observations about cancer treatment of Mr. Stanislaw, and some scientific information that Marcin would like to point out.


Facts about ACTL targeted cancer cell therapy by a Polish Doctor escorting her patient from Poland to China, and the very truth experiences presented by patient's relative.

Soon after this diagnosis, just couple of days later patients got a symptoms of mechanical jaundice so doctors responded quick enough to save his life with a surgery, the surgery took place in one of the university hospitals in Poland, the surgery went quite ok, in the sense that there was no complication, however, the doctors stated that the tumor is non resectable so it could not be removed. So the whole procedure had a palliative character, what was done was just to reconstruction of intestine stomach connection, and made a biopsy of the tumor and essentially. So the diagnosis after the biopsy was that it was adenocarcinoma pancreatitis ductalis, so the most aggressive type of cancer. And patient was qualified immediately to undergo chemotherapy. However, during his recovery after the surgical treatment the doctors detected a huge abscess above the liver, they were trying to remove the abscess by means of a laparoscopy treatment, however, and it was not successful. So they just had to reopen the abdominal cavity again. They removed the abscess and cleaned the cavity completely. And at that time it was when the nightmare started, that this second reoperation required as long cut as the first one. And the wound after the operation just won’t heal. It was due to the diabetes and also because of the cancer itself. By analyzing all the blood results, the doctors decided that in that stage it was absolutely impossible to undergo any more of chemotherapy.

After 3 weeks the situation essentially did not go any better, patient had a serious inflammation, quite a high fever. The doctors were trying to do their best but the biggest problem was that they knew that they had no time and essentially no anticancer treatment could be applied. So that was the real problem. And the doctor anticipated the possible span of live of the patient was about 2 or 3 months even if there were any possibility of taking chemotherapy. So his son, started to look for other possible alternative options and by the end of February they were flying altogether to Beijing to China to undergo ACTL target cancer cell therapy.

In this video will show you not only the medical story of Mr. Stanislaw, but also emotional observations about cancer treatment by his son, Marcin. As well as, some scientific information that Marcin would like to point out.

Complete course of 3 cycles of ACTL Targeted Cancer Cell Therapy

March 2012


The first CT scan which was done in the middle of January showed that the tumor has the size of 4 x 5 cm, by the end of January it was 5 x 6 cm and the local lymph nodes were slightly enlarged. Another CT scan just was made after arriving in Beijing and the result was that the tumor size was about 10 x 6 cm.


“I try to be as modest as possible and I would be already very happy if I could say that the result of this therapy is that we can prolong the life of my father as much as possible and what is more important I would be happy if we could improve his life quality and actually this is the case, right. My father gets stronger, he is more vital, he plays jokes with the nurses, he laughs, things like this. And another CT scan that we made in April was that the cancer essentially stopped so that the size of tumor is the same and there is no further metastasis and things like this, so to some extent we already achieved our success.” Said Marcin

“Undoubtedly confirmed that the patient's quality of life, his shape, strength and hope are very high now” described by patient escorted doctor.

Patient walked freely, and would independently go off the hospital to take a walk. The most obviously changes made was his vigor, he was joking around with the nurses, and he also teach them Polish.