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Welcome to Beijing

Beijing , the China capital , is nearly 20 million population of the metropolis of the world, almost equal the same population to the entire Canada. In Beijing, the Chinese government has more than 80 hospitals, over 30 hospitals has the patients capacity of over 1500. 

Beijing located with the Headquarter of Chinese Medical Association and other medical societies and organizations in the field of medical academic, and researches, and to manage a variety of educational and academic exchanges of China nation wise. 

Experience means a large numbers of practical and clinical practices. Which requires lots of researching and diagnosis and treatment of a number of clinical practices, to continue with improvement on the technology and experiences of diagnosis and treatment. With such a large and high density of population in Beijing, doctors in Beijing can be said to be the most experienced among the entire China. 

Our team, committed to integrating only the most reliable and top-notch medical resources and services in Beijing, by providing the state of art assessment system. 

Meanwhile, we do also provide a variety of biological treatment options and diagnosis for cancers with all stages. 

We are not only to provide and follow the traditional cancer treatment options, such as surgical therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but also provide biological therapy, gene therapy, and customized Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. Where only Beijing can do so.

 Our hospital can accept over 30 international insurance companies coverage with direct payment, all you need do is to confirming with your insurance company before the trip of coming to China, whether the insurance plan will cover your treatment expenses in China.

 We do not recommend you to receive a single treatment, cancer treatment program can be complicated & comprehensive, our oncology specialist will suggest with the best options, we can assure you that, with our extensive clinical experiences, we will offer a personalized treatment program with your situation, with the top priority to improve the quality of your life.

  Your well-being is our foremost concern and we will ensure that your experience is as pleasant and comfortable as circumstances permit. We are dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs and strive to provide personalized quality care for you and your family

 Giving love, and let's fight!