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Is It Possible To Prevent Breast Cancer?


Women can help themselves to have healthy breast and t reduce the risk of breast cancer. Contact with breast is the best option to ensure early detection and the best way to keep contact is regular self breast check. This check provides the opportunity to know how breasts look and feel normally and what are the other normal characteristics of breasts.

As touch is the most powerful mode of communication so to touch the breasts is essential to notice unusual changes in breast. The changes can be different in nature, although all cant be observed through tactile sense some can be observed through visual observation. Both types of changes are to be noticed at initial stage in order to reduce the risk of death with cancer so the common changes which are known as breast cancer symptoms as well are given below.

Changes in terms of breast size are common in certain situations such as before periods, during pregnancy and breast feeding, but if the size changes apart from these situations it must be noticed and should be consulted to the doctor so that the underlying reason can be diagnosed.

It is natural to notice the changes in breast shape over the time, but if a sudden change takes place in the shape it must be due to the abnormality so it must not be overlooked. Skin changes are also important to notice some common skin changes noticed by a number of women are appearance of dimples and wrinkles on breast skin.

Nipple changes like inversion or ulceration are important to notice some women naturally posses inverted nipples that is normal. Fluid discharge from nipple is unusual whether the fluid is bloody, greenish, yellowish or of any other color it is due to the breast abnormality.

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