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Why Does Cancer Often Return After Treatment?


Our orthodox medicine only have 3 ways of treating cancer which are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and all these treatments kill your natural immune system, the very mechanism that fights off all diseases. When you get these treatments you are killing your bodys natural ability to fight the disease. You must never forget that. While these treatments can be helpful in de-bulking cancer, that is removing some of it, its crucial for a patient to make simple lifestyle changes to address the reasons why it first appeared.   Cancer is a slow growing disease and has to be of a certain size before it can be detected so most cancers have been slowly growing within your body for many years. Unfortunately by time it is detected it is well advanced. The reason why somebody gets cancer is because of a change in your immune system and those changes are brought about by our lifestyle, which is the way we live. It is caused by bad diets, smoking, and our sedentary way of living and our exposure to carcinogenic substances. Cancer has nothing to do with bad luck.

What we see today is harsh toxic treatments which further weakens our immune system and only worsens the condition which lead to the cancer in the first place. Radiation and chemotherapy themselves are carcinogenic and if someone whos undergone these treatments survives for long enough, they could or will develop independent cancers that are a direct result of those treatments.

To stop cancer from shifting or spreading to another part of the body one needs to make changes to the way they live, especially with the food they eat. Our wrong food choices are singularly the most important causative factor in the development of cancer no matter where is appears. While we have blind faith in our medicine system with their drug based medicine it seldom works with cancer because there is nothing in their 3 treatments that will stop it from spreading or returning.

By addressing the reasons why cancer first developed you are strengthening the immune system, our built in defence system, then the human body can heal itself and accomplish what no doctor, surgeon or oncologist could ever hope to achieve. It works with all cancers and even if its advanced.