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10 Commons Myths Concerning The Signs Of Prostate Cancer


6.A high PSA level will mean that you have prostate cancer. Yes and no. Because it is common to have prostate cancer with elevated PSA levels, some men might still have prostate cancer with low levels of PSA.  

7.I can pass my cancer to someone else. Wrong. Prostate cancer is not communicable or infectious.

8.Sexual activity increases chances of developing prostate cancer. Wrong. Studies have shown that men with regular sexual activity have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

9.Vasectomies will cause prostate cancer. Wrong. It used to be thought that having a vasectomy increased risk for prostate cancer, but this is not true.  

10.Getting treated for prostate cancer will cause impotence or incontinence. False. While erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence may be a possibility, most men do not suffer with these complications.

Now that you know about the myths concerning the signs of prostate cancer, you can know about this potentially deadly disease and catch it early if you or a loved one gets it.