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What To Do?? When Kids Get Cancer..


In both young and old cancer is simply a disease of a weak immune system. It appears when the bodys immune system is not functioning properly. All body cells are regulated with respect to growth and interaction with other cells. Cancer occurs when our immune system has been weakened and looses control of natural cell division. When a child is born their immune system is not fully developed and this is why breast feeding is so important to a new born baby. Its the key to help develop this system which is there to keep us healthy right through life.

A far better approach when someone is confronted with childhood cancer is to strengthen their immune system and the only way to do that is naturally. You do that with a strict diet of natural food or food that we are supposed to be eating instead of processed foods thats mostly available in supermarkets now days. Remembered the rise in all cancers has paralleled the rise in popularity of supermarkets and thats because of food thats been processed for profit.

Children can make these important changes because they havent adopted bad habits that most adults have. With a parents help it will be easier for them to correct the reasons why the cancer first grew. Another important change you wont be told about is the connection between cancer and refined sugar. It was discovered many years ago to be the natural fuel for cancer cells. They thrive on it. Also dont substitute sugar for aspartame, the artificial sweetener which is in diet drinks as theres a strong link between leukaemia and lymphoma and aspartame. Those two cancers are common in children.

It is very upsetting to see children go through our mainstream toxic treatments knowing that it weakens the immune system further. Those treatments are only attempting to remove the cancer itself, but the growths are only a symptom and not the problem. The definition of a symptom is something else is wrong and that something is a weakened immune system. It is this you must correct.