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  1. Why come to Cancer Bio Master (CBM)?
  2. What advantages are the treatments providing by Cancer Bio Master?
  3. Why chose ACTL or DC-CIK?
  4. Which treatment is more suitable for me, ACLT or DC-CIK?
  5. From the time we inquire, what sort of steps are involved before arriving for treatment?
  6. What are the side effects of your therapies?
  7. Peripheral blood stem cell collection will doharm to my body?
  8. Immune therapy for patients with weak constitution is dangerous
  9. Immunotherapy can be reimbursedby the cost ofmedical insurance?
  10. Immunotherapy, chemo or radio therapy can also be carried out at the same time during the treatment?
  11. Immunotherapy need to be in hospital?
  12. How long does the treatment typically take?
  13. Why we need to stay in China for 3 months for ACTL treatment?
  14. How much will treatment cost?
  15. Is there someone who can help arrange my affairs during my stay?
  16. What patient amenities and services are available?
  17. Are there any hotels or supermarkets nearby?
  18. What is the weather like in Beijing?
  19. Typical hospital hours


Why come to Cancer Bio Master (CBM)?

21 century is an age of genetic engineering and for cancer patients, 21 century is an era of Biotherapy!  During those years, we realized that a lot of cancer patients in the developed countries experienced were having trouble getting the treatment they want. The reasons could be financial difficulties and insurance issues, not every family can afford the huge bills that cancer treatment needs. Some of the cutting edge technology was also not available because the trial period usually takes 10 years or longer before most people have access to them. Therefore a lot of patients who could have been cured have passed away from those reasons, which is very unfortunate.

With the establishment of Cancer Bio Master in China. Corporate with the top hospitals in the nation with international graded lab; using the latest approach and techniques. We want to achieve what called ”the translational medicine”to benefit cancer patients.

Cancer Bio Therapy provides the cutting edge and the compeletely treatments for cancer. Most of our medical team has work on other countiries including United States. We have fluent English speakers, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cancer treatment. Our medical equitments are made by GE, Roche and other top company while we try to keep our price afforable to most patients without sacrificing the quality of your treatment. In here, we do not only have the treatments that you looking for anywhere else, but also the next generation cancer treatments like ACT, DC-CIK biotherapy, LIFT Leukocyte Infusion Therapy, IAPA, Stem Cell, and Gene Therapy, which none of them has serious side effects that can change your life



What advantages are the treatments providing by Cancer Bio Master?

Cancer Bio Master is specilized at immunotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Gene therapy. The mainstream & traditional treatments are also available. However, we strongly suggest our patients to receive traditinoal surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy in their local hospitals if their insurance cover.

Immunotherapy is the most advanced treatment for cancer patients, and our laboratories do strictly follow the GMP standard for cell cultivation. Cancer Therapy China do not only providing treatments to overseas patients, also local Chinese patients. And, we are in strategic partnership with more than 30 hospitals in all major cities in China.

Traditional chinese medicine treatment can also be provided depending on patients condition with our SFDA approved Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors.

Gene therapy is also an alternative option of treating cancer, typically for the head & neck tumor. Please read the detail at Gene Therapy (Gendicine)


Why chose ACTL or DC-CIK?

ACTL, is the most cutting-edge immunotherapy now available in China. Many oversea patients chose this treatment to stop the metastasis of cancer, and to enhance the immune system. This treatment is a tageted-killing cancer cell. Rather, DC-CIK is more broad spectrum, which is suitable mostly for the patient who had surgery resection of tumor, and no evidences of metastasis in PET or CT scans. Yet, ACTL is more cancer cell targeting and more promising, it is usually recommand to the patient who has higher chances of metastasis.

For futher detail of ACLT


Which treatment is more suitable for me, ACLT or DC-CIK?

ACTL and DC-CIK treatments are highly effective immune therapy, ACTL requires the existence of your specific target tumor antigens, such as carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), if your blood test for CEA more than normal or tumor tissue CEA-positive immunohistochemical staining, you can be treated with the ACLT immunotherapy. If you do not have specifically target tumor antigen, It is recommended that to go with the DC-CIK treatment.


From the time I started the inquire, what sort of steps are involved before arriving for the treatment?

1. The patient or family member makes an enquiry. 

2. Our international coordinators will ask the patient or family member to fill in a medical information form as registration.

3. Our doctors will carefully review the medical condition of the patient, confirm whether it is treatable and recommend a treatment scheme.

4. International coordinators will promptly reply to the patients’ inquiry, explain the treatment plan, and explain why we believe that this plan is the best course of treatment.

5. When the patient decides to commit, the patient service staff helps the patient arrange their visa application and method of payment.

6. The patient and family member arranges the most convenient flight for them, and tells our patient services their flight number, arrival time, and date of arrival.

7. Patient service staff arranges airport pickup service and help with hospital admission.

What are the side effects of your therapies?

ACTLTargeting Cancer Cell Therapy

Preliminary study of clinical trials showed that, this patented treatment technology has no obvious adverse reactions, the main side effects are as follows:

1), Flu-like symptoms: the main part in tumor patients ( About 45%) within a few hours after the transfusion, generally without treatment, symptoms may go away after a few hours. Main symptoms are: fever (37.0c-39.0c) and muscle soreness. If intolerable patients with symptoms, general antipyretic drugs can be given to ease the symptoms.

2) Excited: mainly occurs within a few days after the transfusion. Patients feel good about themselves, and feel the strength increase. About 50% of patients reported.

3) Fatigue: occurs mainly in patients with advanced cancer, especially patients treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy or patients with anemia. Transfusion red blood cells or supportive therapy can alleviate the symptoms.

CIK & DC-CIK immunotherapy

No serious side effects are observed with this type of therapy. In a small number of cases, there is a small fever where the body temperature may reach (37.2℃-40℃). This usually occurs approximately 2-10 hours after infusion of the CIK cells. Generally, this fever is self-limiting, meaning that the patient’s body temperature will return to normal in 2-10 hours, and only in a few cases do patients need antipathetic to alleviate the fever. Cryoablation

Cryoablation is minimally-invasive surgical technique. Side effects include some of the same effects as traditionally invasive surgery, but to a lesser degree. Since the incision is much smaller in cryosurgery, the chances of infections and bleeding are fewer, the surgery is safer, less painful, and has a shorter recovery period.


Gendicine (gene therapy)

The most commonly observed side effect associated with gene therapy is a self-limiting fever. In nearly 80% of the cases, temperatures rose to 37.5℃ to 39.5℃. This fever usually occurs 2 to 4 hours after administration of Gendicine and lasts for approximately 2 to 6 hours. The fever tends to diminish on its own and without medical intervention. Generally, fever occurs at the beginning of the treatment, and then decreases gradually in severity and incidence. Other rare side effects include chills, pain at the injection site, discomfort, fatigue, nausea, and diarrhea. Usually, no special management is needed as the symptoms will go away automatically.


Peripheral blood stem cell collection will do harm to my body?

Hematopoietic stem cells collected blood cell separator piping systems used in all one-time,closed, safety and reliable to patients, will not cause cross-infection. Before collected, doctors will use femoral vein catheterization to patients. Then, Disposable double-lumen tube through the patient and connected to the blood cell separator. Blood cell separation opportunity through a pipeline automatically in your blood stem cells isolated, in addition to hematopoietic stem cells other than blood components will be transferred back from another channel back to your body. Collection process is simple and safe. During this process, patient will not lose his blood, but there may be a slight numbness of the mouth or slight twitch, this is because the use of anticoagulants sodium citrate , generally do not need to treat, oral or intravenous calcium gluconate can release this symptom. During stem cells separation process, we will send specialized nurses to provide professional care for the patient.


Immune therapy for patients with weak constitution is dangerous?

The domestic and international clinical practice for nearly 10 years, now it have been confirmed that ACLT and DC-CIK immunotherapy was a safe and good antitumor method. It have adverse reaction, not have common heart, liver, lung, kidney, bone marrow and nervous system chemotherapy toxicity, will not have allogeneic lymphocyte infusion may lead to immune rejection and graft versus host disease. For patients with advanced cancer, if your bed during the day time is not more than 50%, can take care of themselves(PS<=2), immunotherapy is acceptable.


Immunotherapy can be reimbursed by the cost of medical insurance?

At present, the scope of provincial medical insurance reimbursement is not yet unified, the specific situation of medical insurance claims are required to consult your local health insurance agencies. For patients in Beijing, ACLT and DC-CIK immunotherapy is not the cost of health insurance in Beijing area, patients need to pay for themselves.


Immunotherapy, chemo & raido therapy can also be carried out at the same time during the treatment?

Because chemotherapy and radiotherapy may destruction of immune cells in the body, cause immune suppression, therefore, immunotherapy during chemotherapy and radiotherapy can not be simultaneous. Such treatment should be carried out before receiving immunotherapy. For medicine, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy, it is not clear that they impact on the immune therapy, patients need to consult with their doctor, different treatment to different patient.


Immunotherapy needed the patients to be in hospitalized?

Both ACLT and DC-CIK immunotherapy treatment include several stages of the treatment, the first is a comprehensive examination, stage, evaluate your condition and suitability of immunotherapy, followed by autologous peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cells or mononuclear cell collection, then the cells will be cultured in vitro, Finally, the cultured cells back to your body. Most patients only need to complete the first and second phases in hospital. The third phase cells cultured in the laboratory meet the GLP standards, without your participation. The final stage of cell transfusion can be done on outpatient. To some patients with good physical condition , it can be finished in out –patient, not in hospital.


How long does the treatment typically take?

Treatment usually requires 1 or 2 months with CIK or DC-CIKdepending on patient’s condition and his/her specific response to treatment. While, the ACLTTMTumor Cell Targeting Therapy may up to 2-3months for a complete treatment course due the complication of the program.


Why we need to stay in China for 3 months for ACTL treatment?

ACTL requires 6 times blood drawing, and each cell culture may take up to 10~15 days, after the culture of cells, it also requires 6 times of cell reinfusions.

The schedule is listed with estimation days as below:

day1 ---1st blood draw, day15---1st reinfusion,

day14---2st blood draw, day30---2nd reinfusion

day29---3st blood draw.

this is a 1-month-cycle example, it is highly recommanded to go a 3-months cycle for a more promising result.


How much are these treatment cost?

Treatment costs may vary patient-by-patient, however, estimated price list shown as below;


CIK (Umbilical Cord Blood)


ACTL Targeting Cell Therapy

Duration of stay

6 days

34 days

3 months

Blood collection

No, pre-incubation with umbilical cord blood

Day 1 & Day14

Day 1; Day 15; Day 29; Day 43; Day 57; Day 71


Day1-6, 9 times

Day 15-20; Day 29-34, 12 times

Day 15; Day 29; Day 43;

Day 57; Day 71; Day 85.

6 times

Cost (USD)




Room Charges (USD)

(including basic nursing fee, meals & internet services)

6 night rooms inclusive

$200 Per Night

$200 Per Night

Additional medical treatment & ICU services

Not included

Not included

Not included


Est. cost




Expenses INCLUDE:

- The routine medical treatment for the patient's specific cancer, nursing, drugs, one-time uses materials, etc.;

- All routine check-up & tests: ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, blood routine, liver function and renal function tests administered by our centers;

- One (1) standard patient room (approximately 25 square meters), which includes: two beds, TV, refrigerator, air-conditioner, private bathroom/shower & internet service;

- Transportation to and from the airport;

- Interpretation services;

- Hospital meals;

- Visa extension assisting services;

- Designated on-site bilingual customer services;


- Special prescriptions, medications, tests, etc, (expenses not normally used during routine treatment of the patient's cancer);

- PET scans;

- Emergency medical services;

- Ambulance service;

- Blood transfusion;

- Personal expenses around Beijing (i.e. taxi fees, shopping expenses, etc.)


Is there someone who can help me during my stay?

Our staff understands the cultural and language needs of international patients and offers a variety of services to meet those diverse needs. Via email and phone, we can help you arrange everything before you come and during your stay.

Pre-arrival preparations- Before you arrive, we will discuss with you which personal items and medical records you will need to bring and any necessary pre-arrival financial arrangements. We would be happy to assist you with any other concerns you might have regarding transportation, food, the weather, or any other special needs.

Assistance at the airport- 
The patient service staff will meet you at the airport when you arrive in China and bring you to our center. Upon your arrival, we will help you complete the admission process, fill out the registration forms, and help you adjust to your new surroundings. When you depart China to return home, our patient service staff will escort you to the airport and assist you with customs check-in.

Language Services- We know that getting around China can be tough without an ability to speak Chinese. However, our patient service staff can provide language assistance in English.

Visa Extension- 
Occasionally, a patient's treatment cycle will take longer than the time given on the patient's travel visa. In these cases, our patient service staff can help you to extend your stay. Usually, the patients’ initial treatment time requires 60 days, but it is important to have the necessary flexibility to stay longer if continuous treatment is recommended. 


What patient amenities and services are available?


There are internet connections in every hospital room. If you did not bring your own computer, you are welcome to use the internet connected computers in the patients' lounge. All of the computers have free internet access for patients. The computers are also equipped with webcams and headsets to stay in touch with family and friends back home on skype.


The washing machine and dryer are free for our patients.

Food Services

Patients receive an extensive restaurant-style menu of fresh, cooked-to-order foods that are tailored to the diet their physician prescribes. Meals are served within 2-3 hours of being ordered (western-style food). Chinese food can be made and delivered much more quickly. Family and friends may order guest meals and dine with patients in their rooms. A guest menu is provided to all patients upon admission. All meals must be paid in cash.


Are there any hotels or supermarkets nearby?

Yes. There are small groceries located in the hospitals. Also, many of the hospitals have large shopping centers and hotels nearby.


What is the weather like in Beijing?

The city's climate has four distinct seasons: arid windy spring, hot humid summer, sunny fresh autumn, and the cold dry winter. The average temperature in January can fall to around 1 °C (33°F), while the average temperature in July is about 30°C (87 °F). In the extreme, low temperatures in winter can fall to -15 °C (5 °F) while the highest temperature in summer can rise to 40 °C (107 °F)

Every ward is equipped with an air conditioner (or two), and you can adjust the room temperature according to your preference. Every year, between November 15th - March 15th, there is central heating. During the winter, the room temperature is usually maintained at about 20 °C (68 °F).



Typical Hospital hours :


  • Physician care:Day shift: 8–12 am, 2–5 pm
  • Night shift: 7 pm–8 am
  • Nurse care: 24 hours
  • Laboratory: 7 am–5 pm
  • Radiology Dept: 8 am–5pm
  • Patient Service: 9 am–5 pm
  • 24H hotline

Note: After your application, our doctor will contact you to discuss your treatment date and will give you details of the initial treatment plan. At this stage, the doctor will suggest various methods that may be used, indicate the number of transplantations that may be needed, and identify the source of stem cells. Your final treatment plan is formulated in Beijing after the results of all the tests are completed.